Payment Card Industry Services

Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

The Transaction Processing Team of Infotalk currently provides development and support services to more than 10 enterprise-level installations of transaction processing suite of applications. These installations are highly customized to their unique set of business processes.

The installations include acquiring banks, issuing banks, merchant service providers, large retailers (front end acquiring) and loyalty, and pre-paid and gift card programs. Our team's expertise in the transaction processing space includes:

  • Industry-standard message protocols such as ISO 8583, Visa 1, Visa 2, and other proprietary protocols.
  • Transaction switching for On-Us and Off-Us transactions for acquirers and issuers.
  • Transaction interfaces to payment networks (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, and DISCOVER).
  • Transaction interfaces to payment processors like BAMS, First Data, Elavon,, etc.
  • Stand-in or local authorization of transactions.
  • Fraud management solutions with velocity checking, hot card management, etc.
  • Data security solutions to meet PCI DSS requirements.
  • VisaNet and Banknet business enhancements.
  • Settlement applications for payment networks and processors.
  • Split tender transactions for pre-paid cards.
  • High-availability system architecture for non-stop operation.
  • Our PCI Research and Development Team has embarked on several initiatives in this space too. Some of the ones on our drawing board are:
  • Development of a scalable and customizable framework for a loyalty, gift card, and pre-paid card programs.
  • Load balancing solutions for transaction switch.

PCI Compliance

The main focus of our PCI Compliance Group is to keep track of new developments in the PCI Data Security Standards and align our solution portfolio to meet the most stringent data security requirements. For our enterprise-level clients, the most important of the DSS requirement was to ensure security of the cardholder's data with the necessary encryption mechanism in place. Our team has developed and deployed solutions thereby gaining valuable expertise in:

  • Integrating transaction switch with a third-party encryption engine.
  • Developing automated key management processes for secure retrieval of encryption keys.
  • Developing, hashing and masking algorithms to protect cardholder data.
  • Developing database-level encryption for small-scale installations.
  • Our PCI Research and Development Team is poised to make Infotalk a one-stop shop for all PCI DSS required solutions. Some of our initiatives are:
  • Development of a web application firewall.
  • Development of best practices and procedures for password management.
  • Development of OWASP-compliant code review processes.

POS Compliance

Infotalk has been developing and delivering POS applications teaming up with one of the leading terminal manufacturers. Our POS Team has been a major contributor in the development of the industry's first, standards-based remote key injection product that allows retailers to quickly and securely initiate on-site, in-store payment terminal key injection at the POS. The POS Team comprises a dedicated group of professionals with in-depth domain expertise in architecting, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining POS application systems. Our experience and capabilities in the POS application space include:

  • Merchant-centric payment application development for POS terminals.
  • Migration, maintenance, and support of legacy applications.
  • Proof-of-concept application and customized solution development.
  • In-depth experience with industry-standard message protocols such as ISO 8583, Visa 1, Visa 2 and other proprietary protocols.
  • Our PCI Research and Development team is constantly engaged in developing scalable, high-efficiency solution frameworks that are readily customizable into specific payment solutions. Our R&D engagements include:
  • Application development with Adobe Flash Lite for a rich user experience.
  • Application development for Microsoft App Store.
  • PC-based POS application development.
  • Development of shopping cart with integrated payment interface with popular Internet payment gateways for e-commerce merchants.
  • SMS-based, money transfer application for mobile phones.